Regular on-site rates are $75 per hour, off-site $50 per hour. Billed in 1/2 hour increments. Travel time billed one way.

On-Site Includes: Services performed at location (diagnostics, repairs, phone time and instruction). Travel time will be billed one way² (1/2 hour min). $75*
Off-Site Includes: Services performed (diagnostics, repairs, phone time and part ordering). $60*
Emergency On-site/Off-site Includes: Services performed outside normal business hours¹ (diagnostics, repairs, phone time and part ordering). Travel time will be billed one way for on-site service² (1/2 hour min). $150*
* per hour
¹ normal business hours are Monday thru Saturday 8am to 5pm, excluding major holidays
² travel time will only be charged when service calls are outside immediate Julian area.

Services average cost

 Tune-up Clean case (desktop), inspect system configuration, remove uneeded/unwanted software, install operating system updates, run disk utility, defrag, install Avast Antivirus Software (optional). $120**
 Re-Install Re-install Windows 10/11 using Windows Media Creation tool (programs and files stay intact)  $150**
** average cost (off-site), these rates increase for on-site service.